What to Look For When Hiring A Plumbing Contractor


There’s a lot on your hands when you plan to move in to your new home, several services are to be hired, many contracts need to be signed and numerous things require to be fixed. It is advisable to take some time out of your busy schedule and put in effort to carefully pick- ‘n’- choose people you initially hire for converting your house into your dream home. One of the services which need your immediate attention is home plumbing services

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Back 2 Saving Water


How many of you used to turn off the faucet just to save the dolphins? Every fall, Back 2 School season reminds us of the materials and multiple attempts to cater to the needs of children. Those focused on preserving our resources have always been around doing what they can to save the planet. Saving water has always been at the top of the list.

Standing on your brightly colored step stool with a

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Lightning vs Plumbing


Did That Just Happen?!


They say lightning only strikes once. “They” lied. July is not only the peak lightning month for the world, but for Floridians, there’s more. Central Florida happens to be the lightning capital…of the world! So the Orlando, Tampa and surrounding areas in July are practically one big lightning rod.

Unfortunately, this fact also means

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How Wild is Your Plumbing?


As Floridians, we all know a thing or two about snakes, critters and alligators and their pop up appearances throughout the state. Since the invention of sewer systems, wildlife has even found its way into the dank tunnels and pipes. Sometimes a clog is not just any clog, but a critter clog! Many disregard the possibility as myths and hearsay but

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May I Use Your Shower?


Hopefully, your reply doesn’t come with an explanation. The only sentence to accompany your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ should be letting your guest know that you will grab them a towel. Stop ignoring the fact that you have a premeditated response for when

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Those Pesky April Showers


Back, Back, Backed Up by April Showers


The saying is as old as sayings go; April showers bring May flowers. In Florida, those showers come in all different types. From sun showers with pretty rainbows to rainstorms with hurricane winds, Florida plumbers know what to be prepared for. One thing that

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Your Plumber’s Spring Cleaning List

Clean Like its Spring

Clean Like its Spring…Because it Is!


The tips you picked up have been very helpful during your spring cleaning; you’ve accomplished a lot! Kudos! You even climbed up on the roof and right after you’re life flashed by your eyes (that was a good looking prom date you had there…nice!), you cleaned out those gutters. Presumably, you’re

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Love Your Plumbing Too


As Valentine’s Day has just passed and our homes smell of fresh flower bouquets and mysteriously completed Honey-Do lists, let’s not forget another love that means so much to us all: Your plumbing system!

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We now have not one but two state certified license holders to offer our services to you.

I am proud to announce that my son and business partner Chandler Adams is now a Florida State certified licensed plumbing contractor #CFC1429435. Please call us for your plumbing needs.

When It’s Cold Outside

WHEN IT’S COLD OUTSIDEFloridians don’t see drastically cold temperatures very often, nor for very long if we do experience them. Plumbing problems can

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