Back 2 Saving Water

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How many of you used to turn off the faucet just to save the dolphins? Every fall, Back 2 School season reminds us of the materials and multiple attempts to cater to the needs of children. Those focused on preserving our resources have always been around doing what they can to save the planet. Saving water has always been at the top of the list.

Standing on your brightly colored step stool with a Power Rangers® or Barbie® toothbrush you were ready to start another day of friends, fun and learning cool stuff. Preserving water and endangered animals are two of the easiest to convey to the kiddos.

Campaigns and non-profit projects are still coming up with unique ways to reach each generation with the tips and suggestions for not just cutting down your water bill but also protecting the usable water life needs to sustain itself.

As an Orlando plumbing company, especially with the major water crisis off our Florida shores, down south & over in Flint, Michigan(still) we all have to remember to do our part to make sure every animal and person has access to clean, drinkable & usable water.

Household Water Schedule

Life goes back on specific schedules with the addition of carpools, school/class schedules, and extracurricular activities. Make sure your plumbing system (and water bill) is ready to handle the daily or weekly routines of your family.

  • Increased laundry cycles thanks to uniforms, “lucky” clothes & more frequent usage
  • Meals are back on a certain routine, meaning more dishes. Especially Tupperware!
  • Active kids means active stink! Showers and wash-ups become more frequent

Reduce Excess Running Water

With all of this excess water usage, remember that there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to have the faucet running while you stand there not actually using it. The sound of running water has nothing to do with how clean you or your items (dishes, tools, etc…) get unless the water touches the dirt.

  • This is Florida, how long does it REALLY take to warm up the shower? If it does take an excessive amount of time, something is wrong and should be checked by a professional.
  • When washing dishes, you don’t need the water stream on full blast, moderate the flow.

Plumbing Analysis

  • Without proper maintenance “checkups”, a homeowner becomes reactive to plumbing problems, whether with bathroom plumbing or overall house plumbing. Be proactive. Like they say, the best defense is an offense!
  • Call Adams and Son plumbing today to inspect your plumbing fixtures and appliances for any faulty or damaged areas.
  • Set up an effective maintenance schedule for the smooth running of all faucets and pipes.
  • Also, be sure to call a pool maintenance or leak detection company if you think your plumbing issues are related to your pool.

Back 2 School means more. MORE MORE MORE. So remember to accommodate for the MORE. Not sure how? Call us today!