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Clean your drains
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The most common drainage blocker that I have encountered in all my years plumbing is HAIR! Short, long, human and animal hair are the most prevalent drain blockers. The most troublesome runner-up is GREASE, found in kitchen sinks across America. Let me be the millionth person to tell you that grease, oil and any fatty liquids do not belong in the drain. They harden inside and can cause blockage to adjoining pipes which can affect the entire drainage system of your household.

We had a customer that called us frantically said that her underground pipes exploded in her yard. After a series of questions, she explained she was discarding cooking oil in the toilet and flushed, and that’s when she heard a loud bang in the yard. Although we are talking about drains, I wanted to emphasize how dangerous pouring grease into any drain, can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

So you’ve noticed that the water takes a long time to drain and you’re not quite sure what could be causing this. For many weeks, you ignore this issue and now you have a tub/sink full of water and you don’t know what to do. I could have you call me and have it fixed with my fancy tools and Liquid Plumr®. But, my first job is to help you save money by offering tips on how to keep your drains clean.

You will need gloves, pot of boiled water, half cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar.

Please use extreme caution while handling hot water.

  1. Put on gloves, and remove excess hair and debris from around the drain area.
  2. Pour half the pot of hot water down the drain.
  3. Dispense the half cup of baking soda immediately followed by one cup of vinegar.
  4. Use a drain plug and allow it to sit for 10 – 15 minutes.
  5. Flush the rest of the hot water into the drain.

If you notice the water going down smoothly, that means the mixture woClean Your Drains,Drain Cleaning,  Orlando Plumber, Shower Plumbing, Water Heater Repair, Fix Water Heater, Sink Repair, Plumbing Fixtures, Septic Repair, Septic Tank Repair, Toilet Repair, Fix Garbage Disposal, Plumbing repairrked. However, if you notice the water has difficulty going down, this often means, the debris is so compact that the solution was 50% effective. To help with the debris, you may purchase an item from Home Depot called the Zip- It and Snake Hair Snare. This handy tool can grab most of the debris and it works!

On the condition none of these methods work, then I would suggest contacting me, your local Orlando Plumber and let me use my professional tools to help you get your drains working again.