Don’t Discard That Garbage Disposal Yet!

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When maintain your home or business plumbing fixtures, the best plan is being pro-active. One of the most difficult fixtures to mend in the household is the garbage disposal. At the first sign of malfunction, some people may want to throw it away and get a new one. Although it would be nice to have a new garbage disposal, they cost a pretty penny and can be avoided of you just take care of the one you have now. Instead of panicking, try one or all of these three easy steps.:

  • Significantly more than half of malfunctioning garbage disposals simply require a
    Garbage Disposal Repair
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    reset. On the motor under your sink, try starting with pressing the small RESET button (Pictured here).

  • Check your circuit breaker and fuses, troubleshoot
  • Crank it up! Many units offer a hand crank that pushes minor jams

The main reason for a garbage disposal in the home is to help break down food particles so they pass through pipes easier. If the appliance is not properly maintained, you will most likely find yourself facing the challenges of garbage disposal repair. If or when they break, blocked and clogged drains can lead to more problems which require drain cleaning services or complete repair and renovations.

We’ve put together a few helpful tips to help avoid common mistakes and the inconvenient disruptions to the easy flow of your drains and your day! If you are kind to your garbage disposal, it will be kind to you.

  •  In proper disposal care, this regiment has been proven to work for decades…ICE! It’s free and the most highly effective strategy in fighting sludge build up while creating sharper blades.
  • When grinding food, make sure you are running a steady flow of water (but never hot water…which causes long-term build up).
  • To protect the appliance’s unseen walls, be sure to occasionally grind harder waste like SMALL bones, fruit pits or shells, etc.
  • Try grinding citrus fruit peels to prevent bad odors.
  • Keep it clean! When you are completely finished using your garbage disposal, briefly run the appliance through with a bit of dish detergent and COLD water, this will help keep it clean and clog free.
  • Avoid grinding hazardous, combustible or non-edible materials for the appliance’s safety as well as yours.
  • Also avoid oils, greases or fats, they tend to stick around and clog the drains and also damage the grinder itself.
  • Do not grinding fiber and starch materials/food, they will tangle and produce sludge that is hard to pass through pipes.

In conclusion, I leave with this simple message, if you are kind to your garbage disposal, it will be kind to you. If you have any questions about Garbage Disposals, contact us and ask for Marshall, I am willing to help. But if you need more help, remember,  Adams and Sons Plumbing is available for 24-hour emergency plumbing issues and more importantly honest inspection and assessment.