5 Plumbing Tips For the New Year!

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What should your New Year’s Resolution be? How about “I won’t enter the New Year with faulty plumbing!” Leave the constant clogging, the recurring smelly drains, and scary sounding pipes back in 2017. We presume it is hard to get that kiss at midnight with your cellphone clutched between your teeth while you wade through your living room knee deep in water. Filling up a bucket with one arm while holding your laptop up with the other is not easy! Sure, it’s all giggles when your mother-in-law falls with a splash and the nasty fruit cake your Aunt Ida made goes floating by with the family pooch doggie-paddling behind it with vigor; but it really is no laughing matter. If you want a pool, we can help with the plumbing requirements; but unless you’re Elvis, we doubt you want it in the living room.

    Here are a few tips to help ring in your New Year:

1. Catch it Early!

– Nip small plumbing worries in the bud early. Take a page out of local law enforcement strategies and if you “see something, say something.”

– Damage only gets worse as time goes by. So be sure to keep plumbing fixtures under control with the help of your favorite Orlando plumber.

2. Shut ‘Er Down Bubba!

– Be sure that everyone in your household knows the location and proper usage procedures for your main shut off valve.

– Each device connected to your plumbing should also be easily shutdown and known by everyone that can safely handle them.

– Be mindful of when to turn water flow off so that a possible living room debacle does not get as bad as the above scenario, or better yet: never even happens.

3. Check it Off Your List!

– Prepare a checklist of all plumbing appliances and consider their age and how well they currently work. Is it time for service or a check-up?

– Present your list to your plumber, showing him that you mean business! Document your findings with notes on what your senses detect. Is that smell normal? Should that spot be there? The more you tell your plumber, the more your home (or office building) can be saved from needing a lifeguard on duty.

4. Educate Yourself and Family!

– Know the ins and outs of your plumbing and household appliances. What is connected to which supply line and where your problem may have actually originated. You don’t need to be an expert (that’s what we are for), but it can help save you time and money to know that your solution lies in a water heater repair and not merely a sink repair.

– Typing in ‘fix garbage disposal Orlando’ is useless if you really need a septic repair. If everyone knows the signs to look out for, you have a better chance of attacking it with your own DIY arsenal.

5. Put it On the Books!

– Regularity is the key to keeping plumbing repairs to a minimum. Set up a date with Adams and Son Plumbing that works best for your schedule. Whether it is quarterly, semi-annually or even yearly, arrange a playdate between your plumbing and your local plumber.

– Contact us for an end of year assessment and drain cleaning that will make you the ready and smart homeowner that stays ahead of the resolution-making crowd.

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