How Wild is Your Plumbing?

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As Floridians, we all know a thing or two about snakes, critters and alligators and their pop up appearances throughout the state. Since the invention of sewer systems, wildlife has even found its way into the dank tunnels and pipes. Sometimes a clog is not just any clog, but a critter clog! Many disregard the possibility as myths and hearsay but reports backed by evidence

Florida snakes are USUALLY harmless, but they can still pack a wallop of a fright; or even a bite. If you enter a restroom and lift the toilet seat lid to find 2 eyes staring back at you, 9 times out of 10 the little guys is not only lost, but stuck!

Of course if you are anticipating an alligator just laying out in your shower or bathtub, you can be pretty sure someone put it in there. Most plumbing fixtures are equipped with

  • Insects
  • Frogs
  • Snakes
  • Rats

Even though calling a plumber may be your first call, try animal control first. Then let your favorite Adams and Son plumber swoop in to ease your plumbing nightmares with a plumbing inspection and thorough drain cleaning




Sighting Before Sitting

Taking a few seconds to turn your head and check that your plumbing fixture is empty of unwelcome guests seems to be the best defense against a bitten bottom. Hopefully your mad dash to the kitchen drain or bathroom drain doesn’t overshadow the real possibility that Florida creatures love to crash the party.

Finding those drain dwellers can usually be equated to cooler weather, excess rainfall & nearby rising water levels or savory smells coming from uncleaned garbage disposals. Let’s be honest, food attracts everything big and small. Just note when your teenager magically appears just as you smell dinner might be ready!