I’ll Be Home, Not Clogged, for the Holidays

happy holidays
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Holiday Plumbing Tips

The holiday season means that your house sees more decorations, more bodies and more waste. Is your plumbing ready for all of that? The best way to avoid having to call an emergency plumber for a clogged drain or other plumbing repairs is to take preventative action. Pipelines will be getting a full workout with the use of more water than normal, foreign waste practices and weather changing nature debris.

Remember these helpful ideas:

You may know the Do’s & Don’ts of your plumbing fixtures, but your guests won’t. If there are any specifics or current faulty appliances, let them know. Consider posting a lighthearted and funny sign with cautionary requests where guests can see when using your plumbing fixtures.

  • In the restrooms on the door or mirror.
  • In the kitchen above the sink, garbage disposal and maybe even the refrigerator above the water/ice dispenser.

Lots of Love, Lots of Disposal

Dishes are constantly threatening to pile up so there will be more by-hand washing and rinsing and more dishwasher runs. Also, fancier than normal cuisine means messier pots and pans.

  • Make sure everyone is clear on your waste disposal practices. Things like where scraps go and whether or not you recycle(hopefully you do).
  • When flushing, request that they only do toilet paper for the time being.

This the Season for Plumber Calls

If you do experience a troublesome drain or any other plumbing problem, don’t hesitate give us a call. However, if you feel you’ve got it under control, there are a few things you can try first.

Contact us today for any assistance, Adams and Sons is always here to help. Happy Holidays!

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