Lightning vs Plumbing

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Did That Just Happen?!


They say lightning only strikes once. “They” lied. July is not only the peak lightning month for the world, but for Floridians, there’s more. Central Florida happens to be the lightning capital…of the world! So the Orlando, Tampa and surrounding areas in July are practically one big lightning rod.

Unfortunately, this fact also means that home or office damage are at an all-time high when it comes to storms. Both residential and commercial plumbing systems can see significant damage as they are a network of piping and plumbing fixtures that can be serious conductors.

We all know summertime afternoon storms are a given for Orlando homeowners. What most don’t know is how to protect buildings from lightning strikes doing the most damage. The best protection systems include the installation of

  • Surge Protections System
  • Copper Protectors (such as lightning rods)

Just like with any electricity, rods will protect buildings by directing electrical currents along a pre-determined path. This will ensure the least amount of damage will happen; not all, but a considerable amount. Direct strikes can lead to fires and appliance blow outs. They can also travel the full length of your plumbing system thanks to metal pipes. Make sure the only metal struck are the rods you’ve set in place!




Surge protectors absorb those extra jolts of electricity and protect your appliances from the jolts sent through building wiring. They won’t necessarily affect your piping system but they will certainly protect your appliances.

Ground strikes up to 25 feet from your home can latch onto your pipes and shoot through your entire home! If you have the chance to choose your plumbing system setup or plumbing fixture selections, try incorporating copper fitted protection systems around the outside to deflect as much as possible. We DO NOT suggest copper plumbing systems! Copper pipes, once struck, will receive pinholes that will leak and cause even more damage, so steer clear. Also, get swimming pool leak detection every year if you own a pool, especially in Florida!

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