Muddling Through Mold

dirty tile and grout with mold plumbing in orlando
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Everyone battles mold, whether you are proactive and attack it before it gives your home trouble, or you notice signs of its presence. Orlando Plumbers are no newcomers to the fight against mold. With the humidity and heat levels Floridians face, mold spores have countless places to live and multiply. As part of the Fungi family, mold feeds on organic decomposers.

With the presence of the following, mold will certainly move in on your home.:

  • Excess Moisture – Mold will accumulate where water is present (plumbing fixtures, warm damp locations).
  • Spores – As part of nature, they can’t be removed, but you can stop them from blossoming into a hazardous state.
  • Nutrients – Virtually every surface, including your skin, can help nourish mold spores.
  • Air Pressure – Dense and poorly circulating air is a breeding ground for mold to multiply.

When mold gets out of hand, it is imperative to our health to remove it and clean all areas affected. Across the country agencies have devoted funds and contractors to the safe cleanup of larger scale mold build-ups. Recently, the U.S. Government created a grant program designed to assist plumbers and contractors in the prevention and removal of mold spores in Native American tribal homes and businesses. Known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Indian Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) program, the project is in response to the decades long overabundance of mold on reservations.
The presence of mold leads to a number of dangerous health issues including:

  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Increased Allergies
  • Death

On a residential level, plumbing leaks and poor air circulation are two of the main causes for mold build up. There are countless preventative techniques to protect your home or business in any climate. Moisture and air pressure conditions should be monitored and controlled along with drain cleaning and plumbing upkeep.


  • Install Fans and/or air purifiers
  • Frequently Open & Clear Airways
  • Remove Standing Water Inside & Outside


  • Ignore dark enclosures
  • Allow exhaust to circulate only indoors
  • Put off Minor Leak Repair