Start This Year With Some Plumbing Resolutions!

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Happy New Year!

As January begins, many of us get down to implementing our new year’s resolutions. While these typically focus on self-improvement, we at Adams and Son Plumbing recommend that you resolve to pay better attention to your Central Florida home’s plumbing for a happier, healthier and less expensive 2019!

Unfortunately, homeowners tend to take plumbing for granted – until a toilet backs up, a pipe bursts or some other emergency erupts. Being observant and diligent can help you avoid nasty surprises.

We haven’t forgotten about you business owners, either. Keep reading to learn how you can make this year run smoother and more profitably!

Check for water leaks

Plumbing leaks anywhere in the house can lead to problems when left undetected. Our September 2018 blog post, “How to Locate Plumbing Leaks and Tap Into the IOT,” provides a list of areas that commonly spring a leak, and what to look for. Check faucets, toilets, drains, etc., on a regular basis. In addition to such telltale signs of water in places it shouldn’t be, a higher than usual water bill can indicate a hidden leak. Other places prone to leaks include accessible pipes (the visible pipes below sinks and other exposed areas) and sink hose connections. Florida weather and saltwater air can cause pipes to rust, so check pipes seasonally to prevent damage caused by corrosion.

Water heater maintenance

Check your water heater annually. There are different types of water heaters: traditional, tankless and hybrid. Most are the traditional variety, which can be maintained by the homeowner. This Old House offers a step-by-step procedure, which includes the following:

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Check the temperature pressure release (TPR) valve – Turn off the power and cold-water supply valve. Put a container under the pipe connected to the TPR valve on the side or top of the tank. When the tank pressure becomes too high, the valve opens up. Lift the tab of the valve and let some water drain, then leave it this way. If you notice that the water keeps flowing out, then let it drain and replace the old valve with a new valve. 

Inspect the anode rod – Let out a few gallons of water by putting a hose to the tank’s drain cock. Unscrew the rod, and if it is less than half an inch in thickness or is coated with calcium, replace the rod.

Wash out the sediment – Let the water drain completely from the tank, then open the cold water valve briefly so that the sediment is washed out. Repeat the process several times until clean water starts coming out. You can turn on the power after closing the drain cock and refilling the tank.

Insulate the pipes – Insulate the cold and hot water pipes with 3/8-inch-thick foam pipe insulation tape. Cold water pipe insulation helps prevent condensation in summer.

Insulate the heater – Ensure that you properly insulate the pipes, TPR valve, temperature control and the side of the tank. Be sure that you don’t cover the top of a gas heater.

For homeowners comfortable about taking the DIY approach to water heater maintenance, our colleagues at Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbing offer instructions in even greater detail.

Consider a monthly plumbing maintenance schedule for your business

We told you we had some advice for fellow members of our Central Florida business community! If you aren’t already on a monthly plumbing maintenance schedule with a plumbing contractor, there are great reasons it can benefit your establishment. Our colleagues at Brewer Commercial Services point out that a professional plumber can take care of the following jobs on a regular basis, preventing the big problems resulting from neglect or a botched repair attempt.

A monthly plumbing maintenance visit can address the following tasks:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heaters and boiler check
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • Backflow check
  • Water, sewer and gas lines check
  • Camera line inspection
  • Pump maintenance

As Brewer Commercial Services points out, creating a plumbing maintenance plan is not just about knowing the professional repair services available to your business. It should also include the determination of the reasons behind the usual plumbing issues. With this, you can implement the appropriate methods to prevent them from derailing your operations. By knowing what causes plumbing problems, your business can be more proactive with maintenance. Plus, you can avoid untimely replacements of plumbing fixtures and other components.

Whether you’re a proud homeowner or business owner, Adams and Son Plumbing can keep your plumbing working dependably. We are a family-owned business with over 50 years in plumbing service. A state-certified plumbing contractor, we have over three generations of master plumbing experience. Contact us to learn more.

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