Those Pesky April Showers

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Back, Back, Backed Up by April Showers


The saying is as old as sayings go; April showers bring May flowers. In Florida, those showers come in all different types. From sun showers with pretty rainbows to rainstorms with hurricane winds, Florida plumbers know what to be prepared for. One thing that folks often overlook until it is too late is their garbage disposal. Levels of rain water affect our everyday plumbing fixtures a lot more than you might think!


After storming the night away, sewer systems are dealing with a whole lot of excess rain and the sewage gets a brand new playground. Hopefully, there is no damage to your own sewer lines by roots growing deeper into the space needed for the pipelines. The pressure they cause on the pipes can rupture them and cause plumbing problems only professionals, like Adams and Son Plumbing, can fix.


When it comes to residential sewage lines, your garbage disposal can make or break your plumbing situation. Standard care and proper upkeep will go a long way in ensuring a healthy and happy plumbing appliance. Remember that:


  • Rinds are NOT made for garbage disposals nor drains in general. They break blades and clog pipes.
  • Cooking grease IS NOT supposed to be poured down your drain as a lubricant. It will actually make flow worse!
  • Bleach nor store bought drain cleaners ARE NOT good for disposals either so don’t use them.
  • Hot water IS NOT supposed to be run down a backed up garbage disposal. It reacts with greases, oils and fats and make the situation even worse.
  • Eggshells and seeds are NOT your disposal’s friends. They ‘gunk up’ the blades and create a nasty sludge that is hard to get rid of.


garbage disposal
Maintenance is truly the key to a successfully closed wallet thanks to minimal plumbing issues. Small ticks in a plumbing system can grow into large gaping holes in your day rather quickly when left unattended.


Be proactive; don’t let the April showers drown you in plumbing disaster fees. Let Adams and Son Plumbing handle the installation, the check-ups and the replacements of your garbage disposal when the time is right.