Three Common Toilet Noises That Call for Repair

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At the most seemingly inconvenient of times, you may notice your toilet emitting a new or strange sound. As major problems with this particular fixture create an unsanitary and expensive situation, Adams and Son Plumbing wants you to learn some common sounds so you can determine which ones warrant immediate professional attention.


Why is my toilet making a foghorn sound?

A distinct foghorn-like noise is often due to an older model toilet with a loose washer in the metal ballcock-style fill valve. To confirm that this is the issue, open the tank and flush the toilet. When the sound begins, lift the float ball up to the top of the tank. If at this point, the noise stops, there is likely a problem with the washer in the mechanism. If the ballcock is not sealed, you can either replace the washer or the valve itself as a long-term solution.

adams and sons plumbing hissing sounds
Why is my toilet making a hissing sound?

If you hear a hissing noise, you can rejoice that it is likely a less- than-serious issue at hand. Although it could be somewhat costly if ignored, this sound is made by running water. More often than not, it is the result of one of two dysfunctional parts. First, there is the potential of a miscalibrated fill valve. When you lift the lid off of the toilet, there will be a plastic buoy or ballcock floating at the top of the water. If it has been adjusted to stop above the overflow tube, water will continuously fill past this point and drain. To resolve it, simply re-adjust the height of the fill valve or ballcock to below that of the overflow tube.

Secondly, there is a chance that the flap valve – located at the bottom of the tank – has deteriorated, and is allowing water to continuously escape into the bowl. In this case, start by shutting off the water supply and flushing the toilet to drain the water. Then, you can remove the flap valve. It may simply need a cleaning, or you may notice that it has become cracked or brittle. If it has become too worn to properly function, it should be replaced. Once repaired, the water supply can be restored and it should function normally. If neither of these parts are the case, your last resort should be to replace the entire flush-valve, or have it inspected by a plumber.

Why is my toilet bowl make a gurgling sound?

Surprisingly, one of the least noticeable and less ominous sounds could carry the largest potential for disaster. A gurgling sound is made when air is able to escapes backwards into the toilet. This can indicate several possible issues, one of the most common being a blockage in the main line. Left unchecked, you are likely to discover the bathroom toilet, tub or sink, backed up and overflowing with dirty water. If you suspect a blockage is the case, make sure you first stop any appliances that could flood the pipes, then contact a certified plumber. A plumber’s snake, sewer jets or an air burst drain cleaner are typically used to resolve the problem.

Another possibility is not the pipes itself, but the environment surrounding a pipe. In particularly wooded or ground-shifting areas, pipes are particularly susceptible to being penetrated, closed off or even separated. This situation tends to take a longer time to occur, and can be checked by a professional plumber with a sewer camera. With a regular inspection, it can be caught early enough to avoid a full pipe repair or replacement.

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