What To Do When Your Home Plumbing System Clogs

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Good health is the byproduct of healthy eating habits, regular exercise and a disciplined lifestyle. We are only able to achieve all of this when we take that additional bit of care and walk the extra mile. But, what has your health got to do with the plumbing system of your home? It is the word ‘care’ that needs your attention when it comes to the health of your home, including the plumbing system of your house.

Free and flowing water from the tap to the drain and out is what we see and want all the time, but clogging is as much a reality, no matter how distressing it gets, as the process of aging in humans.


One of the most common plumbing problems at home is a clogged drain or pipe. There are different types of clogs which you would encounter in your house and you should be prepared to handle some of them on your own, but serious clogging requires professional help, hence do not let the problem go out of hand and contact Adams and Son Plumbing for expert advice and full plumbing services, if need so arises.

Types of clogging:

  • Kitchen drain clogging- Small food and dirt particles, grease, and hard water are mainly responsible for clogging your kitchen drain.
  • Bathroom and/or washing machine drain clogging- Lint, tuft of hair, soap, coins and toys can clog your bathroom and/or washing machine drain.
  • Main drain clogging- if most of the drains in your home are clogging up at the same time, the problem in all likelihood is with the main drain. This can happen due to underground tree roots inside the yard or due to a combination of above issues.

It is not rocket science to understand how to avoid kitchen, bathroom and washing machine drain clogging. A little amount of precaution and care for the plumbing system of your house can not only avoid clogging at regular intervals, it can also increase the life of your pipes.

Clogging Solutions

Some of the remedial measures that you can take for a clogged drain at home are as follows:

  • Hot boiling water- You can try using hot boiling water to clear your clogged drain, but a word of caution, don’t use in case your pipes are of PVC. Drain cleaning with hot water should be done carefully.
  • Plunger- At times plunger can do the trick and clean your drain.
  • Drain snake- You can get a drain snake from any hardware store, which could serve the purpose of clearing your clogged drain.

A warning that each homeowner should pay heed to- do not use drain cleaning chemicals, it can corrode your pipe instead of cleaning your drain, which is harmful for the plumbing system.

In case you are able to solve the problem, well done, or else, you should immediately contact Adams and Son Plumbing, specialists in cleaning and clearing all kind of clogging from the drains of your home.

If you are based in and around Orlando and the greater Central Florida region including Orange, and Seminole Counties, call Adams and Son Plumbing for drain cleaning. You can also get in touch with them for full plumbing services of your residential, commercial as well as industrial establishment