What to Look For When Hiring A Plumbing Contractor

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There’s a lot on your hands when you plan to move in to your new home, several services are to be hired, many contracts need to be signed and numerous things require to be fixed. It is advisable to take some time out of your busy schedule and put in effort to carefully pick- ‘n’- choose people you initially hire for converting your house into your dream home. One of the services which need your immediate attention is home plumbing services

Why the experience?

Hiring a plumber might just prove to be a hard nut to crack, in case you don’t exercise caution. Plumbers play a vital role in fixing up extremely important parts in a home, for instance the water heaters, faucets, toilets, pipelines, drains and many more. In case a plumber is inexperienced it can be disastrous for the homeowner who has hired their services. Moreover, an amateur plumber can also damage your property causing major trouble and costly repairs in the times to come.

It is therefore imperative that before hiring a plumbing contractor you should very carefully weigh your options. Also, since your home might require plumbing services ranging from water heater repair to septic repair, it is recommended that you hire somebody with full plumbing services. These are some of the crucial points, other than experience, for you to keep in mind before going ahead and hiring a plumbing contractor:

License and Insurance – A must

This is by far the most important yardstick for you to check, and that too upfront. You should only hire licensed plumbers as this is the bare minimum guarantee you need that their services meet certain laid down standards. Most of the states issue plumbing licenses to their plumbers, except for a few like New York and Kansas. In case where licenses are not mandatory, check for formal complaints, if any, against the plumber being considered.

Equally significant is to find out whether your plumbing contractor is insured or not. Accidents and injury can happen to anyone and at any time, hence insurance is a must. It will protect you as well as the plumber in case of an untoward incident.

Pricing and Warranty

After having a look at what they exactly need to do, most of the plumbers will give you an estimate, for free. Get a minimum of three quotes and you would know which one to finalize.

Specifically ask for the period of warranty and that too in writing, most plumbers offer guarantee for the job they do and the part they replace.


Again, an important criterion to consider before hiring a plumbing contractor. As known, word of mouth publicity is the best form of advertising. If people known to you can vouch for somebody, nothing like it. If in an absolutely new neighborhood, ask your plumber for testimonials.

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