What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

tool box
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Hopefully your home is equipped with a first aid kit full of bandages, sterile wipes, protective gloves, flashlights and other vital safety & survival tools. But what about when your plumbing fixtures are trying to survive? Your friendly Orlando plumber recommends having a stocked Plumbing First Aid Kit for possible plumbing emergencies.

Are you frantic and panicked when your faucet won’t stop dripping or the sink is clogged? Do you have swimming pool leaks? What about that pesky toilet that keeps stopping up and the only running going on is you sprinting laps with a bucket? Try running towards a supply kit you’ve set aside for just this instance.

Let’s see what you need in your Plumbing Survival Kit:

    1. Flashlight – Can’t do any good if you can’t see the bad! LEDs prove specifically effective.
    2. Tongue and Groove Pliers (Adjustable pliers) – This gripping tool is one of a plumber’s best friends.
    3. Teflon Tape (Plumber’s Tape) – Have a roll or 2 to help seals hold strong.
    4. Plumber’s Putty – This clay helps solidify seals and stops leaks.
    5. Basin Wrench (Sink Wrench) – A tool that will help you screw/unscrew nuts & bolts in those hard to reach places.
    6. Mole Grips (Locking Pliers) – Fixtures hold tight with these clenching pliers that lock in place.
    7. Plunger – The ultimate Deltona plumber’s best friend! Forces unclogging of toilets, sinks and other drains.
    8. Hand Auger (Plumber’s Snake) – Clean your drains of most blockages if a plunger doesn’t get it all.
    9. Fire Resistant Material – Cover hazardous areas when sparks or flames are present/possible.
    10. Fire Extinguisher – Always have one on hand, especially when flammable items are involved.

Being prepared for the risks homeowners can face is an important comfort only responsible homeowners and business owners possess. The more experienced homeowner’s emergency kit will resemble more of a Plumbing Repair kit with more hardcore tools.
Their tool kit will include:

    • A hack saw & metal filer to cut piping and smooth the jagged edges create.
    • A torch (usually Propane) for any copper linings.
    • Allen keys (Hex Keys) for screws

For more extensive plumbing problems, like septic repairs or water heater repairs, it is time to call Adams and Son Plumbing for further assistance. It is one thing to know when to D-I-Y and another to know when to make that call!