Your Plumber’s Spring Cleaning List

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Clean Like its Spring…Because it Is!

The tips you picked up have been very helpful during your spring cleaning; you’ve accomplished a lot! Kudos! You even climbed up on the roof and right after you’re life flashed by your eyes (that was a good looking prom date you had there…nice!), you cleaned out those gutters. Presumably, you’re feeling pretty successful. Strutting back inside, proud and kind of sweaty, your spouse yells out “Don’t forget the hair in the shower drain!” Well, good-bye couch, hello continued Honey-Do list.

While on all fours wondering how your family still has hair on their heads, you begin to think about the rest of your drains. When was the last time they were cleaned beyond pulling out a few surface gunk? Perhaps now is the perfect time to get a quote from one of Orlando’s best plumbers at Adams and Son Plumbing.

Spring season cleaning goes beyond the bathroom; however. All plumbing fixtures need to be regularly inspected and their cleanliness maintained.

On your checklist, be sure to include:

  • Check for the normal speed, strength and refilling of toilet flushes
  • Check that all shower/bathtubs are draining without interruption or lag.
  • Clean all shower heads and bathtub spouts and check water pressure desired
    • This may even help decrease your water bill!
    • Try soaking detachable parts in a vinegar solution to get rid of build-up deposits
  • If you don’t already use one, consider using a drain strainer in all sink and tub drain.
  • Consider investing in more “green” plumbing appliances.
  • Have your water heater inspected and replace if outdated.
  • Run some water, maybe even with a saline, bleach or baking soda/vinegar solution, down drains that are not regularly used.
  • Ever heard of a Flood Alarm? No? Well you should! Add a couple to your next shopping list.
  • Never forget to do a walk around to every location leaks and cracks could be ready and waiting to cause damage. Be proactive!

Don’t forget outdoor plumbing appliances and water resins!

Adams and Son Plumbing services will put a spring in our step to get to your commercial or residence for effective inspection and maintenance of all plumbing and pipelines!